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          The 5th Renewable Energy Systems Winter School organized by Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Engineering Department of Electrical Engineering and Solar and Wind Energy Application and Research Center will be held in Afyonkarahisar between 12-15 February 2020. Within the scope of the activity, it is aimed to convey the latest developments in Renewable Energy Systems to the senior undergraduate and graduate students by the faculty members working in the field at home and abroad. In addition, unlike previous activities, students will be able to present their work on Renewable Energies as posters. At the end of the activity, it is planned that all participants will receive a certificate of attendance and those who are successful in the exam.


The participants of the event will be selected from the applicants at www.afyonenergy.com according to the following evaluation criteria. (40 Scholars)

  • - Distribution according to universities will be considered.
  • - Education Level will be considered.
    - Doctoral students will be given priority.
  • - First-time participants will be given priority.
    - Participants will be preferred for graduate education.
    - Success criteria will be used in the selection of the participants to be accepted to the event. The list of participants will be announced at the relevant web address.

Accommodation, travel (Traveling in Turkey) and food expenses of the participants will be covered by TUBITAK. 


Information on registration and access is available on the website and on the social media website. All questions, opinions and suggestions about the event can be contacted by the organizing committee chair by e-mail. (Reswinterschool@gmail.com)


Click here for application


Deadline: 31.01.2020